This page explains the various methods of obtaining permits and booking places on beats.

Members can access permits in a number of ways. Each method is designed to enable flexibility of choice. The handbook explains these in detail, however they can be summarised as follows:

•    Applying online through the SuperSaaS booking system.
•    By visiting PD Malloch in the Old High Street in Perth.
•    By phoning Malloch's the day before fishing.
•    Using a date stamp system explained in the handbook.
•    By writing to the Salmon Secretary

On some beats, all places will be balloted; on others, some places will be balloted, some will be available on a first-come first-served basis. Some will be available via the online booking system, some through PD Malloch.

NB – your membership card and booklet should be carried at all times when fishing, along with your printed permit. They will also be needed when obtaining permits from PD Malloch's.

Balloted Permits

At regular stages in the season, an offer of available rods on the more desirable beats is made to the members via an online ballot system where the applicant makes their preferred selection of dates and beats. The system allows for anglers to fish either alone or with a friend (who is also a member).

Members subsequently receive an e-mail informing them of which days they have been allocated; permits are also sent out by email. Members can then use the online booking system to cancel any places they cannot use, and take up any free places vacated by other anglers.

SuperSaas Online Booking System

Members are supplied with a username and password for logging into the online booking system. They can use this to cancel places which have been allocated to them in a ballot, to take up places cancelled by other members, or to book a place on an unballoted beat.

Please note:

  • Members can take one place on the day and one place in advance.
  • The place in advance cannot be taken more than 7 days prior to the requested date.
  • Members can cancel their own reserved place if required.

One drawback of these settings is that advance bookings override any bookings that were made on the day. This can be circumvented by:

  • Cancelling the advanced booking
  • Book the on the day place
  • Rebook the cancelled place if still required

For places allocated by ballot, the 7 day restiction does not apply.

There is no restriction on the number of cancellations a member can take.

PD Malloch

Members can pick up and reserve permits for unballoted beats through the fishing tackle shop in Perth:

PD Malloch,
259 Old High St,
Perth PH1 5QN
Tel: (01738) 632316

You will need both membership card and member's handbook.

Brown Trout & Grayling Permits

Day permits for brown trout and grayling can be obtained from:

  • PD Malloch Fishing Tackle (01738 632316; 259 High St, Perth PH1 5QN) Open 9.00am-5.15pm Mon-Sat.
  • Birnam Village Shop (01350 727395; 3 Murthly Terrace, Birnam, Dunkeld PH8 0BG) Open 6.30am-9.00pm Mon-Sat, 6.30am-8pm Sun.

Day permits on these beats are free to PDAA members if taken on the day of fishing. Day permits for non-members cost £5.

It is also possible to book day permits up to one week in advance. In this case, there is generally one free advance permit for members, plus several more available to non-members at £5 each. If the members' free advance permit is already taken, then members can pay £5 for one of the public permits.

You will need your PDAA membership card and members handbook when obtaining permits.

Beat maps and rules are printed on the permits.