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Good Fishing at last Sept 22nd 2018

Written by Ted Eadie on .

At last some decent river  water levels have  arrived. Members should use this to there advantage while it lasts. The main river and tributeries should all now produce salmon in numbers. The Isla,Ericht ,Almond and Tay beats are now, all well worth fishing. Findynate is on this week, and could produce good fishing, if you can get a permit, as the water clears and drops, and all the fish that have been waiting, in the estuary will come rushing through. Do not miss this run, it may be the best of the year!

Rain at last 17th Sept 2018

Written by Ted Eadie on .

Fished at Rome Croy today, nice to see the river level up. Although water dirty/clearing and few fish showing, a few were caught , mostly coloured fish.

Rome Croy Fishing 30thAug 2018

Written by Ted Eadie on .

Fished at Rome Croy yesterday from 9am till 3pm, saw more fish yesterday than for all season.Not a lot caught though!

Snag at Upper Delvine 29.8.2018

Written by Ted Eadie on .

Latest warning of a new snag found at Upper Delvine by resident angler John Cook.

"I don't know whether it is worth a general warning but I found a new snag in the backwater of Baldarroch Pool yesterday (twice).
It is about 10 - 15 yards down from the Lime tree, just the other side of the main stream and quite shallow - I was fishing a floating line and intermediate polyleader with an 8ft leader.
If anyone gets it out it has 2 on my flies attached.

Grainhead Stream/Rome Croy/Muirtons Aug 2018

Written by Ted Eadie on .

All members should note that from Tuesday 21st August 2018, the Grainhead Stream beat of Rome Croy and Murtons, can be fished full time using the PDAA permits. Up to now this could only be fished after 6pm, as the Almondmouth boat, had the fishing here. This was historically a netting station,Cleekum, which is the reason why this date is used. The river level has increased, as have the catches on Fishpal, so these beats well worth a visit.Please consider this responsibly, there is a serious shortage of salmon this year.   This ruling only applies to  Stormont AC beats.

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