Rome Croy & Muirtons

Written by PDAA Webmaster on .

All members should note that the Grainhead Stream (Cleekum), on the Rome Croy and Muirtons permits, can now be fished at all times during the day (fly only), until 15th October 2017.

During the  season, 2nd February to 9th May and 29th June to 20th August, this fishing is controlled by the ghillie for the boat guests on Almondmouth, since the Grainhead was historically  a netting station (Cleekum), controlled by Scone Estates. 

The fishing on Rome Croy and Muirtons will become better and better as the autumn salmon run improves, and these beats will prove to be the best fishing PDAA can offer. Both beats are divided up into smaller sections and a queuing system will be in force at the beginning of each section. Please ensure you follow the queues, and make sure you come out of the water at the end of each beat, and join the next queue, if you desire to fish the next stretch. Do not fish through!!
1/ The 'Grainhead Stream' (map colour yellow xxx) stretch (fly only), is from the fishing hut (queue) and croy on the Rome Croy side, to the end of the dyke (on Muirton side), there will be a seat on the Rome Croy side (queue).

2/ The 'Back of the Island’ (map colour green \\) (fly only), is from this seat to the corner, where the Woody Hole shows on the Muirton side (queue at seat on Rome Croy side).

3/ Next beat is the ‘Top of Woody Hole’ (map colour  blue) (fly only) from the corner and  finishes at the  white post on Rome Croy side.

4/ Next is the ‘Tail of Woody Hole’ (map colour pink \\) from the white post on Rome Croy side to bottom of island.  

5/ From here is ‘The Flats’ beat (map colour  yellow/blue) (fly only), which finishes at the fishing hut on The Bunkers (Rome Croy side). 

6/ ‘The Bunkers’ down river to Perth, (map colour pink xxxx) can be fished by spinning or fly. 

These six beats will become busy, but if you follow the rules and etiquette this fishing will be very enjoyable. If in doubt, ask, anglers waiting in the queue.

7/ ‘Sawmill Stream’ on the Muirton side, downstream from The Bunkers, is worth fishing with the fly when the water is lowish as the fish tend to travel diagonally from the far Scone side to the centre of the river, so a good chance of catching one.

Please note:- that Stormont AC committee members will be fishing and watching these beats for any problems with their own members, and PDAA hope that nothing occurs to bring disrepute to our own reputation. 

PDAA members should always carry their PDAA membership book and ID card, along with proof of your permit (either written or on your phone) for each beat you are fishing, and if requested should show this to Stormont committee members.

Ted Eadie, President PDAA