The PDAA Committee

The management of the association is vested in a committee consisting of seven office bearers, and six to twelve ordinary members. The association is always looking for volunteers to serve as office bearers and committee members.

If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact the president, or put forward your name during the AGM.

PDAA Committee for 2017

Post Name Since
President Ted Eadie 2011
Vice President Dave Brown 2011
Treasurer John Cook 2011
Secretary Bob Mason 2017
Salmon Secretary Bill Duncan 2011
Coaching Officer Chris Connolly 2016
Website/IT Manager Neil Wilson 2015
Committee member Jimmy Williamson 2012
Committee member Jim McKay 2015
Committee member Sarah Cane 2016
Committee member Lindsay Grant 2016
Committee member Iain Cummings 2017

Office Bearers – Division of Duties


  • Present the public face of the association.
  • Take an overview of the association.
  • Chair committee meetings.
  • Club discipline.
  • Develop fishing contacts.
  • Develop fishing information for new members.
  • Edit the membership booklet each year.
  • Produce the association newsletter twice yearly.
  • Post occasional news items on the website.
  • Ensure the club maintains its public presence.
  • Attend Tay Liaison Committee (TLC) meetings on behalf of the association and represent the association's interests.

Vice President (Trout Fishing)

  • Trout lochs - leasing and maintenance.
  • Boats and stocking (when required).
  • Loch returns.
  • Liaise with fishery owners.
  • Liaise with shops as regards keys/permits/rowlocks, etc.
  • Organise the River Tay trout and grayling permits (under the Tay Protection Order).
  • Complete annual return.
  • Liaise with various shops the length and breadth of the system.


  • Receive subscriptions and any other monies.
  • Keep a record of membership payments.
  • Make payment for all costs incurred by the association.
  • Keep all financial records up to date.
  • Produce annual accounts.
  • Collect subscriptions from the shops.
  • The financial side of the Tay Protection Order.
  • Boatmen's Honorarium.
  • Shop Commission.
  • Receipt Books.
  • Make recommendations concerning other fiscal matters, budgets projections and interim statements.
  • Insurance.

Association Secretary

  • Maintain the membership database.
  • Membership cards and cardex photo file.
  • Deal with new member applications.
  • Trophies and the engraving thereof.
  • Organise committee meetings, minute-taking and agenda.
  • Organise the AGM including minutes, the venue and posting out all necessary paperwork.
  • General correspondence, external contacts.
  • Social evenings.
  • Correspondence with the membership.
  • Photocopying  and posting out.

Salmon Secretary

  • Organise the leasing of fishing.
  • Liaise with fishery owners.
  • Present an annual plan of fishing in conjunction with the treasurer.
  • Issue salmon permits/keep shops supplied with updated permits.
  • Receive salmon returns.
  • Make returns to riparian owners.
  • Organise the ballot for balloted fishings.
  • Organise clearance of the banks when necessary.

Coaching Officer

  • Actively investigate ways to get young people to take up fishing.
  • Devise a programme of interaction and involvement that will be suited to both younger children and teenagers.
  • Ensure all equipment is fit for purpose and available when required.
  • Keep up to date with all relevant training requirements to ensure coaching licence remains valid.
  • Liaise with various organisations and become involved with any programmes to encourage more beginners into the sport.

Website/IT Manager

  • Maintain the association's website, domain names and email addresses. (Familiarity with Joomla CMS, cPanel, HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL is useful.)
  • Create and update website content and images as required.
  • Maintain access to the membership database for office bearers as required; ensure that database use complies with Data Protection Act.
  • Liaise with salmon secretary and vice president to ensure that the Our Fishing and Members Fishing pages are accurate and up to date.
  • Ensure that the software that runs the website (Joomla, plus various extensions) is regularly upgraded to the latest versions.
  • Deal with any problems that arise with the website.
  • Ensure that website security is maintained to prevent hacking attacks.
  • Ensure that regular backups of the website are kept.
  • Ensure that the website hosting account and domain name registrations are kept up to date, and paid for annually out of association funds.
  • Make sure that the association email addresses ( etc) forward to the current office bearers.
  • Any other computer-related business.