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Latest PDAA News

Salmon Confidential - shocking documentary about fish farming and disease in salmon.

This shocking documentary by film maker Twyla Roscovich and biologist Alexandra Morton discovers British Columbia's wild salmon are testing positive for dangerous European salmon viruses associated with salmon farming worldwide and how a chain of events is set off by the Canadian government to suppress the findings contained within this documentary.


Kinkell Bridge 3lb Sea Trout Sept 2017

Congratulations to PDAA member Leonard Trim, for catching a 3lb sea trout, as  the first PDAA fish from Kinkell Bridge,River Earn, back end fishing of 2017. Caught by spinning with a flying C. Well done Leonard.

Kinkell Bridge Back End Fishing 2017

The Fishing on the Kinkell Bridge beat, of the River Earn, commences for PDAA, on Tuesday 5th September until 31st October 2017. Two rods are available each Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday, and should provide good sport. It is hoped as many different members as possible try out this beat, it has many fine pools and is good fly water. Consult with the gillie,Sandy Macintosh at the start of each fishing day at the fishing hut, regards where to fish and conditions of fishing. Please do not hog these permits and allow other members a chance to try out this water. 

kinkell bridge 1  

Dinner Dance Postponed

Unfortunately, due to a shortfall in numbers required to make the dinner dance a success, this event has been postponed. It is hoped to reschedule this in 2018 as part of a comprehensive diary of 2018 events. More information on this will be forthcoming in the coming weeks.  

Let's Tackle Cancer Day 28th August 2017

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Gordon Bell         John Cook         Stuart Godfrey

Fished today at Upper Delvine starting with the fly but due to the galeforce wind changed over to the spinning tackle  in the afternoon.