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Latest PDAA News

Smoked salmon - do it yourself - see video

Just received a message from Iain Bain, who has experimented with do it yoursel cold smoking of salmon. Watch the film,via the link, it is very interetsing and according to Iain tasted very good.

"Hi Ted    I've been playing again ..... it may be of interest to some of the other members
              And it really did taste great
        Cheers Iain"

Orri Vigfussion deceased July 2017

Very sad to read in T&S magazine the death of Orri Vigfusssion, on July 1st, who set up the North Atlantic Salmon Fund,(NASF) which enabled the buy, out of a huge percentage of netting rights, all over the world, and allowed millions of Atlantic salmon, to reach their home spawning grounds. The Atlantic Salmon conservation community have lost a true hero, and will be sadly missed.

IMG 20170725 121226

Upper Scone finishes on a high 2017

The fishing on the Upper Scone beats,(Benchill and Pitlochrie Pool), donated by John Apthorp to PDAA, finished on Saturday 22nd July 2017, at Bencill. Congratulations to Ian Shaw and Gary Cairns, catching a 14lb salmon and a 4lb grilse respectively, on Saturday. Ian went into P.D.Malloch's on Saturday speculating, and found both the shop permits, for Upper Scone, were not being used, Ian took one and the rest is history. It proves, it is always worth checking (by phoning the shop),  if any permits are still available, even late in the day. Upper Scone did well this year, possibly due to the low water level, allowing members access to the holding areas. It is hoped this donated fishing, will be on offer again in 2018, it is much appreciated and thanks to John Apthorp for all he does for PDAA.

New seats at Rome Croy July 2017

I spent the afternoon fishing at Rome Croy, no fish but noticed someone has been busy making new seats at the Woody Hole beat to replace those lost in last years flood. Also seats in place at Back of the Island, well done to those responsible.

IMG 20170717 141202  IMG 20170717 144026 

Coaching Report June 2017

 Coaching Report for June 2017 (Written by Chris Connolly).

Perth Grammar School 

I have had another very interesting conversation with david paul at the grammar school. 

He has intimated that as soon as the schools go back he will arrange a meeting with the head of science and also head of support within the school to look at ways we can offer some after school coaching and also roll out our beginners course to interested pupils. 

Duke Of Edinburgh

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